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Remote Management Remote Management If users on the Internet want to remotely manage the BWG-35302, there are two ways, telnet and web, for them. For remote web management, they must specify the WAN IP and the specific remote management port for the URL. Or they can telnet to the device by using the WAN IP and the specific remote telnet management port which is between 1 and 65535. If users want to change the default port, the range of the remote management port is between 1024 and 65535 for HTTP. The web default port is 8080 and telnet port is 2323. For example, if the WAN IP is and web management port is 8080, the remote user must use "" to access the BWG-35302's web management function. WAN IP Address Http Port Telnet Port Https Port SSH Port Mso remote management Customer remote management Limit remote management to: All IP Addresses Single Address Address Range . . .  to  . . . Permitted IP Addresses: Limit config file download to: Enable ACL Single Address Address Range . . .  to  Deny IP Addresses: -->
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