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WAN Settings WAN Settings The BWG-35302 can be connected to your cable service provider either by DHCP or by a static IP. The DNS can also be assigned staticly or through DHCP process. Do you want to assign your own WAN IP address ?     No   Yes  Use public LAN IP as the WAN IP -->      WAN IP Address . . .      WAN IP Subnet Mask . . .      WAN Gateway IP Address . . .     DHCP WAN IP   Do you want to assign your own DNS address ?     No   Yes      Primary DNS . . .      Secondary DNS . . . For DHCP request, the Host Name is optional, but may be required by some Service Providers for authentication. Host Name :   (If Required) Some cable Internet companies will required you to notify them when you replace the original PC so that they can register the MAC address. MAC Cloning lets you substitute a different MAC address for the built-in WAN MAC address. The default MAC address for WAN DHCP request is learned from the PC's MAC address when the PC is connected to the BWG-35302 at the first time. If users want to re-learn the clone MAC address from the connected PC, they could press the "Clone MAC Refresh" button to force BWG-35302 re-learn the clone MAC address. Users also can check the "Clone MAC Address" checkbox and manually fill in their preferred MAC address. Clone MAC Address : -->