IP and Prot Rule for the Hotline DX-R204ARouter Sceenshot

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Advanced Config / Packet Filtering / IP/Port Rule   Filter Group(1-5)/LAN IP Range   Protocol Type Blocked Port No.   Blocked Port Range   1:  192.168.1. ~ TCP UDP Both       ~ 2:  192.168.1. ~ TCP UDP Both       ~ 3:  192.168.1. ~ TCP UDP Both       ~ 4:  192.168.1. ~ TCP UDP Both       ~ 5:  192.168.1. ~ TCP UDP Both       ~ Notice: Complete Internet access can be blocked to an IP Range by inputting ''1'' by itself in the first Blocked Port No. field. The IP Range of one Filter Group can not cover an IP range of another Filter Group. The Blocked Port No. and Blocked Port Range section can be used simultaneously.
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