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Untitled Document Quick Setup Wizard The Quick Setup Wizard provides only the necessary configurations to connect your Broadband router to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) through an external cable or a DSL modem. Operation Mode Select operating mode of your router.You can setup your router as a normal router or you can select to use it as a wireless access point without router functions. Advanced Settings The Broadband router supports advanced functions like Virtual Server, Access Control, Hacker Attack Detection and DMZ. We highly recommend you keep the default settings. Status Information The Broadband router's status information provides the following information about your Broadband router: Hardware/Firmware version, Serial Number, and its current operating status. Tools Broadband router Tools - Tools include Configuration tools, Firmware upgrade and Reset.Configuration tools allow you to Backup, Restore, or Restore to Factory Default setting for your Broadband router. The Firmware upgrade tool allows you to upgrade your Broadband router's firmware. The RESET tool allows you to reset your Broadband router.