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File Server This page allows you to configure the File Server features in order to share files with other computers using Windows® 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Vista or any other OS supporting the NetBIOS/SMB protocol. If you have a hard drive or flash disk connected to a USB port, you may create a shared folder by specifying which device and directory (path) you would like to share. Other parameters like a user name, password and security level for each shared resource may be set thereafter. Once you've configured the folders and enabled the File Server function, you'll be able to access the folders by entering the following URLs into the address field of your browser or Windows Explorer: \\(IP Address) \\(Server Name) \\(IP-Adresse)\(Folder name) \\(Server Name)\(Folder name)   eg. \\ eg. \\Experia eg. \\\partition1 eg. \\Experia\partition1 If you would like to access the USB storage from the WAN side, you need to enable the "Remote Access" parameter and can only use the WAN IP address to access DSL Router.   Enable File Server function  ( ) Server Name  (Experia) Server Description  (Experia File Server) Group Name  (WORKGROUP) Remote Access  ( ) Security Level Share mode User mode     (Share mode) Sharing Folder List (up to 8 folders): Sharing Folder Path Configure No USB mass storage device connected !  
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