Time Setting for the Konig CMP-ROUTER10Router Sceenshot

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System | System Settings  Running Status   Wizard   Advanced Config   DHCP Server   Virtual Server   Security Settings   Routing Table   System Tool     Time     DDNS     Backup/Restore     Firmware Upgrade.     Restore Factory Setting     Reboot     Change Password     Log  Logout       Time Setting --> Your router can automatically synchronize the system time,using the SNTP protocol. For time-based client filters to work correctly,you must set the correct system time. Notice: The router must be connected to the internet to retrieve the time. If the router is powered off and restarted,it will automatically re-adjust the time according to the settings below. SNTP Enable Disable Time Server: clock.isc.org ntp.ewha.net time.windows.com time.org.uk stdtime.gov.hk Timezone: (GMT-12:00) (GMT-11:00) (GMT-10:00) (GMT-09:00) (GMT-08:00)Los Angeles, CA, USA (GMT-07:00) (GMT-06:00)Saskatchewan, Canada (GMT-05:00)New York, NY, USA (GMT-04:00)Caracas (GMT-03:00)Buenos Aires (GMT-02:00) (GMT-01:00)Azores, Cape Verde Islands (GMT)London, England (GMT+01:00)Paris, France (GMT+02:00)Istanbul, Turkey (GMT+03:00)Moscow, Russia (GMT+04:00)Abu Dhabi, UAE (GMT+05:00) (GMT+06:00) (GMT+07:00) (GMT+08:00)Bejing,China (GMT+09:00)Japan (GMT+10:00)Australia,Guam (GMT+11:00) (GMT+12:00)Wellington, New Zealand / / (yyyy/mm/dd) : : (hh:mm:ss)     -->    
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