Virtual Server for the Konig CMP-ROUTER10Router Sceenshot

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Virtual Server  Running Status   Wizard   Advanced Config   DHCP Server   Virtual Server     Virtual Server     DMZ     UPnP     UPnP Portmap  Security Settings   Routing Table   System Tool   Logout       Virtual Server Virtual server allows you to open ports for FTP, HTTP, gameservers and other programs. All WAN traffic on the selected port will be forwarded to the selected IP address on your LAN. Enable Disable E.g.Port: FTP(21) SMTP(25) TELNET(23) DNS(53) GOPHER(70) HTTP(80) NNTP(119) POP3(110) SOCK(1080) PPTP(1723) - 192.168.0. TCP UDP ICMP Virtual Server List  [Status]  [IP Address]        [TYPE]  [Port]         
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