WAN Settings for the Konig CMP-ROUTER10Router Sceenshot

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WAN  Running Status   Wizard   Advanced Config      LAN Settings    WAN Setting     MAC Address Clone     DNS  DHCP Server   Virtual Server   Security Settings   Routing Table   System Tool   Logout  END_DEMO-->      WAN Setting WAN Link Type: PPPoE Username Password MTU (Default:1492) Service AC NAME Please select corresponding connect pattern according to your requirement: Connect automatically, connect after start and break off Manual connect,connect by user. connect when needed,connect automatically when access data. Waiting time when automatically break off: (60-3600,seconds) (0 shows can not automatically break off) Connect timing,automatically connect on the appointed period Notice: only when you set the currently time in the TIME SETTING menu of system tool connect period:From hour min to hour min        
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