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  Setup Password Status DHCP Log Security Help   Advanced   SECURITY This panel allows you to configure your router to enforce enhanced network security using ZoneAlarm Pro and PC-Cillin. For more information on ZoneAlarm Pro, PC-Cillin, and DSL. Cable network security, please visit the Internet Security Center. Software Download:       ZoneAlarm Pro    Settings:     License Key:        Enforce ZoneAlarm Pro Security     Enforcement Level:   More Secure(Check frequently) Conserve Bandwidth(Check less frequently) PC-Cillin Settings:       Enforce PC-Cillin Anti-Virus   Exempt Computers:     Enable Disable        From IP Address:  192.168.1.        To IP Address:       192.168.1. AOL Parental Controls:       Enable Disable         (disables all Internet access except when using the AOL client software)      
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