DMZ for the Linksys BEFSR81v3Router Sceenshot

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Application & Gaming Firmware Version: 2.50.2    Applications & Gaming Etherfast® Cable/DSL Router  BEFSR81 V3   Setup Security Applications & Gaming Administration Status      Port Range Forwarding   Port Triggering   UPnP Forwarding   DMZ   QoS DMZ                                         DMZ:   Enable Disable                 DMZ Host IP Address:  192.168.1.                                                                                     DMZ Host The DMZ Host setting can allow one local PC to be exposed to the Internet. If a local user wishes to use some special-purpose service such as an Internet game or video-conferencing, Enable DMZ , fill in the IP address , and click the Save Settings button. Select Disable for DMZ , deactivates this feature. When enabling this setting, the Router firewall protection of the local DMZ host will be disabled.                       --> Save Settings   --> Cancel Changes