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Setup Firmware Version: 2.50.2    Setup Etherfast® Cable/DSL Router  BEFSR81 V3   Setup Security Applications & Gaming Administration Status      Basic Setup   DDNS   MAC Address Clone   Advanced Routing MAC Clone                                               MAC Clone Service:   Enable Disable                         MAC Address:   - - - - -                                                                                   MAC Address Clone The Router's MAC address is a 12-digit code assigned for identification, like a social security number. Some ISPs require that you register a MAC address. Enter this MAC Address in the MAC Address field or press the Clone button, then click the Save Settings button. To use the Clone button, the computer viewing the Web-base utility screen will have the MAC address automatically entered in the MAC Address field. This "clones" your network adapter's MAC address onto the Router, More...                   --> Save Settings   --> Cancel Changes    
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