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QoS Firmware Version: 2.50.2    Applications & Gaming Etherfast® Cable/DSL Router  BEFSR81 V3   Setup Security Applications & Gaming Administration Status      Port Range Forwarding   Port Triggering   UPnP Forwarding   DMZ   QoS QoS               Enabled   Disabled     Application-based QoS                      High priority low priority Disable         FTP                     HTTP                     Telnet                     SMTP                     POP3                     Specific Port#                     Specific Port#                     Specific Port#                 Port-based QoS                   LAN Port High priority low priority Disable         Port 1                     Port 2                     Port 3                     Port 4                                         QoS Quality of Service(QoS) ensures better service to high-priority types of network traffic,which may involve demanding, real-time applications, such as videoconferenceing.There are two types of QoS, Application-based and Port based.Enabled/Disabled. To use QoS, Select Enabled . if you do not want to use QoS, keep the default, Disabled . Application-based QoS Application-based QoS manages information as it is transmitted and received. Depending on the settings of the QoS screen,this feature will assign infromation a high or low priority for the five preset applications and three additional applications that you specify. For each application, select High priority or Low Priority . If you select Disable ,then QoS will be disabled for that application.Specify Port. More...                       --> Save Settings   --> Cancel Changes