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Setup Firmware Version: 2.50.2    Status Etherfast® Cable/DSL Router  BEFSR81 V3   Setup Security Applications & Gaming Administration Status      Router   Local Network Information                       Firmware Version: 2.50.2, May 19 2004           MAC Address:     Status             Login Type: Static IP           Internet IP Address:         Subnet Mask:       Default Gateway:         Static DNS1:           Static DNS2:           Static DNS3:                                                               Router Status This screen provides the Router's current status information in a read-only format. Login Type This field shows the Internet login status. When you choose PPPoE, RAS, PPTP, or HBS as the login method, you can click the Connect button to log in. If you click the Disconnect button, the Router will not dial up again until you click the Connect button. If your connection is DHCP or Static IP, the Status screen will show you the Internet IP Address, Subnet mask, More...                   --> Refresh    
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