Diagnostics for the Linksys BEFSX41v1.52Router Sceenshot

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Administrarion Firmware Version: 1.52.5_beta4       Administration Broadband Firewall Router    BEFSX41    Setup Security Restrict Access Applications & Gaming Administration Status Management   Log   Diagnostics   Factory Defaults   Firmware Upgrade Ping Test               Ping Test Parameters       Ping Target IP:   . . .           Ping Size:    Bytes       No. of Pings:         Ping Interval:    Milliseconds       Ping Timeout:    Milliseconds                 Ping Result:  Pkt Sent:0 Pkt Recv:0 Avg Rtt:0       Diagnostics Ping Target IP Enter the IP address you want to ping. Ping Size Enter the number( in bytes) of the ping size. More...               Save Settings   Cancel Changes    
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