Firmware Upgrade for the Linksys BEFSX41v1.52Router Sceenshot

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Administration Firmware Version: 1.52.5_beta4   Administration Broadband Firewall Router    BEFSX41    Setup Security Restrict Access Applications & Gaming Administration Status Management   Log   Diagnostics   Factory Defaults   Firmware Upgrade Upgrade Firmware                   Firmware Upgrade        Please select a file to upgrade:                         Warning: Upgrading firmware may take a few minutes, please don't turn off the power or press the reset button.                         Upgrade must NOT be interrupted !     Firmware Upgrade Upgrade the firmware to get new features or fixes.  The firmware is basically a software specifically designed for this hardware.  Please Select a file to update field is used to enter the path and name of the binary file for the Router. Click Browse to choose the firmware you downloaded and extracted.  Updated firmware can be found at . More...                         Upgrade -->    
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