UPnP Forwarding for the Linksys BEFSX41v1.52Router Sceenshot

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Application & Gaming Firmware Version: 1.52.5_beta4   Applications & Gaming Broadband Firewall Router    BEFSX41    Setup Security Restrict Access Applications & Gaming Administration Status Port Range Forwarding   Port Triggering   UPnP Forwarding   DMZ   QoS UPnP Forwarding         Application Ext.Port TCP  UDP Int.Port IP Address Enabled FTP 21     192.168.1. Telnet 23     192.168.1. SMTP 25     192.168.1. DNS 53     192.168.1. TFTP 69     192.168.1. finger 79     192.168.1. HTTP 80     192.168.1. POP3 110     192.168.1. NNTP 119     192.168.1. SNMP 161     192.168.1.     192.168.1.     192.168.1.     192.168.1.     192.168.1.     192.168.1.     UPnP Forwarding UPnP Forwarding can be used to set up public services on your network. When users from the Internet make certain requests on your network, the Router can forward those requests to computers equipped to handle the requests. If, for example, you set the port number 80 (HTTP) to be forwarded to IP Address, then all HTTP requests from outside users will be forwarded to It is recommended that the computer use static IP address. You may use this function to establish a Web server or FTP server via an IP Gateway. In this format, Windows XP can be used to configure this through UPnP communication.  Be sure that you enter a valid IP Address. (You may need to establish a static IP address with your ISP in order to properly run an Internet server.) More...               Save Settings   Cancel Changes    
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