DDNS for the Linksys BEFVP41v1Router Sceenshot

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  Filters Forwarding Dynamic Routing Static Routing DMZ Host MAC Clone DDNS   Setup   DDNS DDNS(Dynamic DNS) service allows you to assign a fixed domain name to a dynamic WAN IP address. This allows you to host your own Web, FTP or other type of TCP/IP server in your LAN. Before configuring DDNS, you need to visit www.dyndns.org and register a domain name. (The DDNS service is provided by DynDNS.org)         DDNS Service:       Enable Disable     Username:       Password:       Host Name:       . ath.cx dnsalias.com dnsalias.net dnsalias.org dyndns.biz dyndns.info dyndns.org dyndns.tv dyndns.ws gotdns.com gotdns.org homedns.org homeftp.net homeftp.org homeip.net homelinux.com homelinux.net homelinux.org homeunix.com homeunix.net homeunix.org kicks-ass.net kicks-ass.org merseine.nu mine.nu serveftp.net serveftp.org shacknet.nu     Your IP Address :     Status :       DDNS function is disabled.