Advanced Wireless Settings for the Linksys BEFW11S4v4-1.52Router Sceenshot

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Wireless Firmware Version: 1.52.02   Wireless Wireless-B Broadband Router  BEFW11S4   Setup Wireless Security Applications & Gaming Administration Status Basic Wireless Settings   Wireless Security   Wireless Network Access   Advanced Wireless Settings Advanced Wireless                         Basic Rates:   1-2 Mbps(Default) 1-2-5.5-11 Mbps         Control TX Rate:   1-2 Mbps 1-2-5.5-11 Mbps(Default)         Preamble Type:   Short Preamble Long Preamble(Default)         Authentication Type:   Open System Shared Key Auto(Default)         Antenna Selection:   Diversity(Default) Left Spread On Right Spread On         Beacon Interval:     (msec, range: 1~65535, *100)         DTIM Interval:    (range: 1~255, *1)         Fragmentation Threshold:    (range: 256~2346, *2346)         RTS Threshold:    (range: 256~2432, *2432)                     Transmit Power Control:   (Range:1~84)   -->         Advanced Wireless Settings The Advanced Wireless Settings screen is where basic wireless configuration is performed. More...                       --> Save Settings   --> Cancel Changes    
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