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Security Firmware Version: 1.52.02   Security Wireless-B Broadband Router  BEFW11S4   Setup Wireless Security Applications & Gaming Administration Status Filter   VPN Passthrough     Filter IP Address Range             NUM       Start    End               1:   192.168.1.   ~           2:   192.168.1.   ~           3:   192.168.1.   ~           4:   192.168.1.   ~           5:   192.168.1.   ~         Filter Port Range                       NUM Protocol     Start        End             1:   TCP UDP Both      ~             2:   TCP UDP Both      ~             3:   TCP UDP Both      ~             4:   TCP UDP Both      ~             5:   TCP UDP Both      ~             Filter MAC Address     Block WAN Requests     Block Anonymous Internet Requests: Enabled  Disabled         Filter Multicast: Enabled  Disabled         Filter Internet NAT Redirection: Enabled  Disabled         Filter IDENT(Port 113): Enabled  Disabled           Filters By using the Filters screen, you can configure the Router to block specific internal users from accessing the Internet. You can set up different filters for different users based on their IP addresses, MAC addresses, and their services port numbers. To set Filter IP Address Range , do the following: Enter the range of IP addresses that you want to filter into the IP address range fields. The users who have these IP addresses will not be able to access the Internet. Click the Save Settings button to save any changes. To set Filter Port Range , do the following: You can filter users by entering their services port numbers. More...                   --> Save Settings   --> Cancel Changes