Wireless Network Access for the Linksys BEFW11S4v4-1.52Router Sceenshot

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Wireless Firmware Version: 1.52.02   Wireless Wireless-B Broadband Router  BEFW11S4   Setup Wireless Security Applications & Gaming Administration Status Basic Wireless Settings   Wireless Security    Wireless Network Access   Advanced Wireless Settings Wireless Network Access             Allow All         Restrict Access         MAC Filter:     Enable  Disable   -->             Access List:  Enabled  Disabled -->         MAC 01:     MAC 11:     MAC 02:     MAC 12:     MAC 03:     MAC 13:     MAC 04:     MAC 14:     MAC 05:     MAC 15:     MAC 06:     MAC 16:     MAC 07:     MAC 17:     MAC 08:     MAC 18:     MAC 09:     MAC 19:     MAC 10:     MAC 20:                                 Wireless Network Access The Wireless Network Access screen is where you can restrict wireless access. The restriction is based on wireless device MAC address. MAC address is a unique 12 digit hexidecimal value given to each network device. More...                     --> Save Settings   --> Cancel Changes    
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