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Management Firmware Version: 1.0.00    Administration Linksys E1550   E1550 Setup Wireless Security Storage Access Policy Applications &     Gaming      Administration     Status      Management | Log | Diagnostics | Factory Defaults | Firmware Upgrade Management Local Router Access   User Name :         Local Router Access  Router Account:     --> Router Access   Router Password:      Re-Enter to  Confirm:      Local Management Access   Access via:  HTTP          HTTPS   Access via Wireless:  Enabled     Disabled   Remote Management Access   Remote  Management: Enabled     Disabled   Access via: HTTP          HTTPS   Remote Upgrade: Enabled     Disabled   Allowed Remote IP Address: Any IP Address . . .   to   Remote Management Port:       Identification  Contact:      Device Name:      Location:        Get Community:      Set Community:      SNMP Trusted Host:      SNMP Trap - Community:      SNMP Trap - Destination:     192 . 168 . 1.  SNMPv3 UserName:      SNMPv3 Password:      Re-enter to confirm:     -->   Advanced features  :     -->   SIP ALG: Enabled     Disabled  :     -->   UPnP   UPnP: Enabled     Disabled   Allow Users to Configure: Enabled     Disabled   Allow Users to Disable  Internet Access: Enabled     Disabled   Back Up and Restore    Help... Save Settings Cancel Changes
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