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DDNS DDNS DDNS (Dynamic DNS) allows assigning a domain name to a dynamic WAN IP address, making it easier to host Web, FTP, or other servers. The Dynamic DNS service is powered by TZO.com. DDNS Service:     Enable   Disable     To use the Dynamic DNS Services, please sign up for a free 30 day trial     To order the TZO service, click here     To manage your domain name and related services: Controlpanel.tzo.com TZO Password Key:      Email Address:      Domain Name:      . tzo.com tzo.net tzo.org tzo.cc mymodem.com mycablemodem.com palacechat.net xitami.net my-place.org mynetwork.org my-computer.org myowncompany.com myhighspeed.com myhomeserver.com myftpserver.com myhomelinux.com mylinuxpc.net mylinuxserver.net Linksysnet.com Your IP Address: DDNS Status:                
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