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RT042-Home Mode -->      Firmware Version: 1.3.5     System Summary Broadband Router with QoS     RT042 System Summary Basic Setup Parental Control Advanced Setup Log                   The Summary screen displays the router’s current status and settings, and all PCs are connecting to the RT042. System Information System up time: The length of time in Days, Hours, and Minutes that the RT042 is active. Internet1/2 IP: It shows the current Internet1/2 IP Address of the Router, as seen by external users on the Internet and hyperlinks to Internet Connection type in Basic Setup page. When users select Obtain an IP automatically and it shows two buttons, release and renew. Users can click release button to release the IP that users have already got and click renew button to update the DHCP Lease Time or get a new IP. More... System Information     System up time :    0 Days 23 Hours 21 Minutes 53 Seconds    (Now: Wed Jan 1 2003 15:21:47 ) Internet1 IP :            Internet2 IP :            User Usage     Internet1 User Name Internet Usage Home-w2k03 0% --- 0% Home-w2k02 0% Home-w2k04 0% Internet2 User Name Internet Usage User Bandwidth     User Name IP Interface Min.Rate (Kbit/Sec) Max.Rate (Kbit/Sec) Delete Internet1 Internet2 Internet1 Internet2 Internet1 Internet2 Internet1 Internet2 ISP Bandwidth       The Max. Bandwidth provided by ISP Internet1   Upstream Kbit/Sec Downstream Kbit/Sec       Internet2 Upstream Kbit/Sec Downstream Kbit/Sec                     Save Settings   Cancel Changes  
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