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Web Management -->      Firmware Version: 1.3.5     Parental Control Broadband Router with QoS     RT042 System Summary Basic Setup Parental Control Advanced Setup Log     On-Line Scheduler url_hit-->Website Hit Rate url_hit--> Application Usage Performance Optimization Block List   Website Hit Rate             The Website Hit Rate tab shows the top 10 websites by frequency the selected user has visited for today and the last six days and their related information, Ranking, Web Site and Hit Rates. This also allows you to block the selected website. More...       Whose Top 10 Web Site Hits ?    Select User:   : : : Select Date: 2002/12/31 2002/12/30 2002/12/29 2002/12/28 2002/12/27 2002/12/26 2002/12/25 Ranking Web Site Hits Rate Block       Save Settings   Cancel Changes  
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