DHCP Status for the Linksys RV042Router Sceenshot

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--> Web Management      Firmware Version: 1.2.3     DHCP 10/100 4-port VPN Router     RV042 System Summary Setup DHCP System Management Firewall VPN Log Wizard Support Logout Setup dhcp_status--> Status dhcp_status--> Status             A Status page is available to review DHCP Server Status. The DHCP Server Status reports the IP of DHCP Server, the number of Dynamic IP Used, Static IP Used, DHCP Available and Total. Client Table shows the current DHCP Client information. More...       DHCP Server : Dynamic IP Used :   1 Static IP Used :   0 DHCP Available :   49 Total :   50 Client Table             Client Host Name IP Address MAC Address Leased Time Delete Tue Dec 31 16:00:10 2002     Refresh  
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