Dual-WAN for the Linksys RV042Router Sceenshot

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Web Management      Firmware Version: 1.2.3     System Management 10/100 4-port VPN Router     RV042 System Summary Setup DHCP System Management Firewall VPN Log Wizard Support Logout Dual-WAN SNMP Diagnostic Factory Default Firmware Upgrade Restart Setting Backup   Dual-WAN                 Smart Link Backup           Smart Link Backup : Primary WAN WAN1 WAN2   (Specify which WAN is primary, the other one will be backup) Load Balance If Smart Link Backup is selected, users only need to choose which WAN port is primary and then the rest will be the backup. Click the Save Settings button to save the Dual WAN settings or click the Cancel Changes button to undo the changes.     Save Settings   Cancel Changes  
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