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Web Management      Firmware Version: 1.2.3     Log 10/100 4-port VPN Router     RV042 System Summary Setup DHCP System Management Firewall VPN Log Wizard Support Logout log_setting--> System Log log_setting--> System Statistics   System Log               Syslog Enable Syslog: If check the box, Syslog will be enabled. Syslog Server: In addition to the standard event log, the RV042 can send a detailed log to an external Syslog server. Syslog is an industry-standard protocol used to capture information about network activity. The RV042 Syslog captures all log activity and includes every connection source and destination IP address, IP service, and number of bytes transferred.       Syslog     Enable Syslog Syslog Server: (Name or IP Address) E-mail     Enable E-Mail Alert Mail Server: (Name or IP Address) Send E-mail to (E-mail Address)   Log Queue Length: entries   Log Time Threshold: minutes Log Setting       Alert Log     Syn Flooding IP Spoofing Win Nuke     Ping Of Death Unauthorized Login Attempt       General Log     System Error Messages Deny Policies Allow Policies     Content Filtering Data Inspection     -->   Configuration Changes Authorized Login     Enter the Syslog server name or IP addres in the Syslog Server field. Restart the RV042 for the change to take effect. More...     Save Settings Cancel Changes  
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