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Web Management      Firmware Version: 1.2.3     Wizard 10/100 4-port VPN Router     RV042 System Summary Setup DHCP System Management Firewall VPN Log Wizard Support Logout         Use this tab to access the two Setup Wizards, Basic Setup Wizard and Access Rule Setup Wizard. They will help you to set up the Router to access internet and set up a Firewall security policy. This wizard will guide you through a series of menus to configure your Router. Basic Setup   Launch "Basic Setup" Wizard : To help you quickly setup the router to access internet, you may launch the Basic setup wizard. Access Rule Setup   Launch "Access Rule Setup" Wizard :   To help you easily setup the security policy for router , you may launch the Access Rule setup wizard. --> VPN Setup -->   Launch "VPN Setup" Wizard : To help you setup VPN step by step, you may launch the VPN setup wizard. -->          
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