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LAN Firmware Version: V1.1.14 Setup 4-Port Gigabit Security Router with VPN RVS4000 Setup Firewall VPN QoS Administration IPS L2 Switch Status     Summary    | WAN    | LAN    | DMZ    | MAC Address Clone    | Advanced Routing    | Time    | IP Mode LAN      DHCP SERVER CHOOSE VLAN :                1    IPv4 Local IP Address: . . . Subnet Mask: The LAN screen you will see when accessing the Router. Most users will be able to configure the Router and get it working properly using only the settings on this screen. Besides assigning IP address dynamically, our Router can also reserve certain IP addresses to bind to certain MAC address. More...   Server Settings (DHCP) DHCP Server: Enable Disable DHCP Relay DHCP Server: . . . DHCP Server: Enable Disable --> Starting IP Address: 192.168.1. Maximum Number of DHCP Users: Client Lease Time:  minutes (0 means one day) Static DNS 1: . . . Static DNS 2: . . . Static DNS 3: . . . WINS: . . .   Static IP Mapping Static IP Address: . . . MAC Address: : : : : : Host Name:               IPv6 IPv6 Address: Prefix Length:     Router Advertisement: Enable Disable   DHCPv6   Enable Disable Lease time minutes, (0 means one day) DHCP6 address range start: DHCP6 address range end: Primary DNS: Secondary DNS: