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Setup Summary Firmware Version: V1.1.14 Setup 4-Port Gigabit Security Router with VPN RVS4000 Setup Firewall Restrictions-->VPN Gaming-->QoS Administration IPS L2 Switch Status     Summary    | WAN    | LAN    | DMZ    | MAC Address Clone    | Advanced Routing    | Time    | IP Mode Summary   System Information Firmware Version: V1.1.14 DRAM: 64MB CPU: STAR 9202 FLASH : 8MB System up time: 14 days, 22:21:42 The System Summary screen displays the router's current status and settings. This information is read only. If you click the button with underline, it will hyperlink to related setup pages. On the right side of the screen and all other screens in the Utility will be a link to the Site Map, which has links to all of the Utility's tabs. System up time: The length of time in Days, Hours, and Minutes that the RVS4000 is active. Firmware version: The current version number of the firmware installed on this unit. Help... Port Statistics Network Setting Status LAN IP: WAN IP: Mode: Gateway DNS1: DNS2: DDNS: Off DMZ: Off Firewall Setting Status DoS(Denial of Service): On Block WAN Request: On Remote Management: Off IPSec VPN Setting Status IPSec VPN Summary : Tunnel(s) Used: 0 Tunnel(s) Available: 5 Log Setting Status E-mail: cannot be sent because you have not specified an outbound SMTP server address.         
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