Advanced Wireless Settings for the Linksys WAG160NRouter Sceenshot

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Firmware Version:V1.00.08 Wireless Wireless-N ADSL2+ Gateway WAG160N Setup Wireless Security Access Restrictions Applications & Gaming Administration Status Basic Wireless Settings | Wireless Security | Wireless MAC Filter | Advanced Wireless Settings Advanced Wireless Help... AP Isolation: Enable Disable (Default: Disable) Authentication Type: (Default: Auto) Basic Rate: (Default: Default) Transmission Rate: (Default: Auto) N Transmission Rate: (Default: Auto) CTS Protection Mode: (Default: Disable) Beacon Interval: (Default: 100 msec, Range: 20-1000) DTIM Interval: (Default: 1, Range: 1-255) Fragmentation Threshold: (Default: 2346, Range: 256-2346) RTS Threshold: (Default: 2346, Range: 256-2346) Cisco Logo
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