Wireless Security for the Linksys WAG200GRouter Sceenshot

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Wireless Security Firmware Version: 1.00.09 Wireless Wireless-G ADSL Home Gateway WAG200G Setup Wireless Security Access Restrictions Applications & Gaming Administration Status     Basic Wireless Settings |    Wireless Security    | Wireless Access | Advanced Wireless Settings Wireless Security      Help...   Security Mode: Disabled WEP WPA-Personal WPA2-Personal WPA2-Mixed WEP Default Transmit Key:   1  2  3  4  WEP Encryption: 64 bits 10 hex digits 128 bits 26 hex digits Passphrase:     Key 1: Key 2: Key 3: Key 4: WPA-Personal Encryption: TKIP Passphrase: Group Key Renewal: seconds WPA2-Personal Encryption: AES Passphrase: Group Key Renewal: seconds WPA2-MIXED Encryption: TKIP + AES Passphrase: Group Key Renewal: seconds       -->
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