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Management Firmware Version: 2.01.00    Administration Wireless-G ADSL Gateway   --> Wireless-G ADSL2 Gateway With 2 Phone Ports   WAG54GP2   --> Setup Wireless Security Access Restrictions Applications & Gaming      Administration     Status      Voice      Management | Reporting | Diagnostics | Backup&Restore | Factory Defaults | Firmware Upgrade | Reboot --> Gateway Access       Local Router Access   User Name :     admin     Local Gateway Access    Gateway Userlist:       -->       Gateway Username:  -->           Gateway Password: -->     Re-enter to confirm: -->             Remote Gateway Access     Remote Management: Enable     Disable --> Enable     Disable         Remote Username:       Remote Password:        Re-enter to confirm:         Management Port:              Allowed IP: All IP Addr. IP Range           Use https:       Remote Upgrade     Remote Upgrade: Enable     Disable     SNMP                               SNMP: Enable     Disable Enable     Disable         All IP-Addr IP-Range                       Device Name:            Snmp V1/V2 :             Get Community:            Set Community:            Snmp V3 :             Snmp V3 : Enable     Disable         Rw User:       Authentication protocol:  HMAC-MD5 HMAC-SHA         Authentication password:        Privacy password:       Privacy protocol:  None CBC-DES         Privacy password:       MD5 password:    -->       Trap Management:           Trap to: . . .   UPnP               UPnP: Enable     Disable       please select a pvc connection to bind:   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8   IGMP-Proxy                 PVC Available:   PVC 1(ppp0) Please Select:           IGMP Proxy: Enable     Disable                 TR-064                 TR-064 : Enable     Disable     --> TR-069                 TR-069: Enable     Disable           ACS URL:          ACS Username:          ACS Password:      -->             WLAN               Management via WLAN : Enable     Disable                 Telnet               Telnet: Enable     Disable               More...                                 -->                       Save Settings   Cancel Changes      
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