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Basic Setup Firmware Version: V1.00.08 Setup Wireless-G ADSL Gateway with SpeedBooster WAG54GS Setup Wireless Security Access Restrictions Applications & Gaming Administration Status     Basic Setup |    DDNS    | Advanced Routing Internet Setup      Help... Internet Connection Type Encapsulation:  Bridge Mode Only RFC 1483 Bridged RFC 1483 Routed IPoA RFC 2516 PPPoE RFC 2364 PPPoA VC Settings Multiplexing:  LLC   VC Qos Type:  UBR CBR VBR Pcr Rate:    cps   Scr Rate:    cps   Autodetect:  Enable   Disable Virtual Circuit:    VPI (Range 0~255)     VCI (Range 0~65535) IP Settings PPPoE Settings PPPoA Settings Obtain an IP Address Automatically Use the following IP Address: Internet IP Address: . . . Subnet Mask: . . . Default Gateway: . . . Primary DNS: . . . Secondary DNS: . . . Username: Password: Connect on Demand: Max Idle Time Minutes Keep Alive: Redial period Seconds   Optional Settings (required by some ISPs) Host Name: Domain Name: MTU: Auto Manual Size:   Network Setup   Router IP Local IP Address: . . . Subnet Mask:   Network Address Server Settings (DHCP) DHCP Server: Enable Disable DHCP Relay DHCP Server: . . . Starting IP Address: 192.168.1. Maximum Number of DHCP Users: Client Lease Time:  minutes (0 means one day) Static DNS 1: . . . Static DNS 2: . . . Static DNS 3: . . . WINS: . . .   Time Settings Time Zone: (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (USA & Canada) (GMT-11:00) Midway Island, Samoa (GMT-10:00) Hawaii (GMT-09:00) Alaska (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (USA & Canada) (GMT-07:00) Arizona (GMT-07:00) Mountain Time(USA & Canada) (GMT-06:00) Mexico (GMT-06:00) Central Time(USA & Canada) (GMT-05:00) Indiana East, Colombia, Panama (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time(USA & Canada) (GMT-04:00) Bolivia, Venezuela (GMT-04:00) Atlantic Time(Canada), Brazil West (GMT-03:00) Guyana (GMT-03:00) Brazil East, Greenland (GMT-02:00) Mid-Atlantic (GMT-01:00) Azores (GMT) Gambia, Liberia, Morocco (GMT) England (GMT+01:00) Tunisia (GMT+01:00) France, Germany, Italy (GMT+02:00) South Africa (GMT+02:00) Greece, Ukraine, Romania, Turkey (GMT+03:00) Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait (GMT+04:00) Armenia (GMT+05:00) Pakistan, Russia (GMT+06:00) Bangladesh, Russia (GMT+07:00) Thailand, Russia (GMT+08:00) China, Hong Kong, Australia Western (GMT+08:00) Singapore, Taiwan, Russia (GMT+09:00) Japan, Korea (GMT+10:00) Guam, Russia (GMT+10:00) Australia (GMT+11:00) Solomon Islands (GMT+12:00) Fiji (GMT+12:00) New Zealand Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes.      
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