AP Mode for the Linksys WAP54Gv1.1Router Sceenshot

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Linksys Access Point : AP Mode AP Mode    This page enables you to select the operating mode for this device. For "Wireless Bridge" mode, enter the MAC Addresses in this format: xxxxxxxxxxxx. Please make sure that all the units are set to the same SSID and Channel.       LAN MAC Address:             Access Point (default) //-->             AP Client            Remote Access Point's LAN MAC Address:                                                                                                           //-->       AP Repeater     Remote Access Point's LAN MAC Address:         Enable LAN port  Note: After entering the MAC Address of the Wireless Access Point, you have the choice of enabling the LAN port of this unit as well.  This will enable you to connect wired PCs to this unit's LAN port.  //-->       Wireless Bridge         Remote Wireless Bridge's LAN MAC Addresses:                Note: When set to "Wireless Bridge" mode, this device will only communicate with           another Linksys Access Point(WAP54G, WAP11 v.2.6, WAP11 v.2.2, WAP11).