Spanning Tree Protocol for the Linksys WET54GS5Router Sceenshot

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Linksys WETP54GS5 Setup  Switch   Setup   |   Password   |   Wireless   |   Switch   |   Wireless Status   |   SNMP   |   Help   Spanning Tree Protocol  |   QOS   |   Switch Table   |   VLAN   |   RMON Statistics   |   Port Mirroring   |   Access List Use this page to configure the Spanning Tree Protocol settings for your managed switch feature Click the Apply Global Setting button to save your global setting and Apply Port Setting for per port configuration These settings should only be modified by advanced users.   Spanning   Tree   STP:    enable disable   (Default:disable) Max Age:    msec (Range: 600 - 4000 msec) Hello Time:    msec (Range: 100 - 1000 msec ) Forward Delay:    msec (Range: 400 - 3000 msec)        STP Table   Port    Priority   Cost      State           
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