WAN Port Configure for the Linksys WRH54GRouter Sceenshot

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PortManagement Firmware Version: v1.01.04    Setup Wireless-G Home Router     Setup Wireless Security Access Restrictions Applications & Gaming      Administration      Status      Basic Setup | --> | DDNS | MAC Address Clone | Advanced Routing | WAN Port Configure | --> | Hot Spot -->   WAN Port Configure         WAN Internet Port:    Enable      Disable       Auto Negotiation:    Enable      Disable       Link Speed:  10M  100M       Link Duplex:  Half  Full           WAN Port Configure: With this WAN port configuration, user can manually set the WAN port speed and the duplex mode. The default setting is "Auto Negotiation" for WAN Port. If you encounter a link problem with a cable/DSL Modem or switch port, you may consider configuring the WAN port to fixed Speed or duplex Mode.                   
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