QoS for the Linksys WRP400Router Sceenshot

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QoS Firmware Version: 1.00.06     QoS (Quality of Service)             Wireless      WMM Support :  Enabled   Disabled  (Default: Disabled)            No Acknowledgement :  Enabled   Disabled  (Default: Disabled)                 Internet Access Priority     Enabled     Disabled             Upstream Bandwidth :   Auto Manual    Kbps               Category     Application Online Games MAC Address Ethernet Port Voice Device end by tina -->             Applications   MSN Messenger Skype Yahoo Message --> Add a New Application Game    Counter-Strike Age of Empires Diablo II EverQuest Half-Life Quake 2 Quake 3 Unreal Tournament Return to Castle Wolfenstein Add a New Game Enter a Name   MAC Address   Ethernet    Ethernet Port 1 Ethernet Port 2 Ethernet Port 3 Ethernet Port 4 Port Range     to TCP UDP Both  (Optional)   to TCP UDP Both (Optional)   to TCP UDP Both Priority   High Medium (Recommend) Normal Low Priority   High (Recommend) Medium Normal Low                 Summary     Priority Name Information           Certain applications may require to open specific ports in order for it to function correctly. Examples of these applications include servers and certain online games. When a request for a certain port comes in from the Internet, the router will route the data to the computer you specify. Due to security concerns, you may want to limit port forwarding to only those ports you are using, and uncheck the Enable checkbox after you are finished. --> Help...