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Router Firmware Version: 1.00.06     Router Information                  Firmware Version :   1.00.06 May 29 2008            Current Time :              Internet MAC Address :   00:00:00:00:00:00            Router Name :   WRP400             Host Name :              Domain Name :                   USB Connection                  Vendor : No            Model : No            Size : No     -->             Internet Connection                  Connection Type : Automatic Configuration - DHCP            Internet IP Address :      -->        Internet IP Address :            Subnet Mask :            Default Gateway :            DNS1 :             DNS2 :             DNS3 :             MTU :            DHCP Lease Time :                                  Firmware Version : This is the Router's current firmware. Current Time : This shows the time, as you set on the Setup Tab. MAC Address : This is the Router's MAC Address, as seen by your ISP. Router Name : This is the specific name for the Router, which you set on the Setup Tab. Help... Configuration Type : This shows the information required by your ISP for connection to the Internet. This information was entered on the Setup Tab. You can Connect or Disconnect your connection here by clicking on that button. --> Help...                          
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