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Management Firmware Version: 1.01.06    Administration    WRT54GX2 Setup Wireless Security Access Restrictions Applications & Gaming Administration Status Management | Log | Diagnostics | Factory Defaults | Firmware Upgrade | Config Management Router Password       Local Router Access       Router Password:                 Re-enter to confirm:                 :   HTTPS :    -->         Remote Router Access     Remote Management: Enable    Disable           Management Port:                -->     SNMP                 SNMP: Enable    Disable           Contact:             Device Name:             Location:                                         Get Community:             Set Community:           SNMP Trap-Community:           SNMP Trap-Destination:   192.168.1.                     UPnP                  UPnP: Enable Disable     Multicast                             Multicast Pass Through: Enable Disable                           Local Router Access: You can change the Router's password from here. Enter a new Router password and then type it again in the Re-enter to confirm field to confirm. --> Remote Router Access: Allows you to access your router remotely. Choose the port you would like to use. You must change the password to the router if it is still using its default password. UPnP: Used by certain programs to automatically open ports for communication. Multicast: Used to establish host memberships in particular multicast groups on a single network. More...                
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