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QoS Firmware Version: 1.01.06    Applications & Gaming    WRT54GX2 กก Setup Wireless Security Access Restrictions Applications & Gaming Administration Status   Port Range Forward Port Triggering DMZ QoS QoS (Quality of Service) กก             ACK Mode: If Change the settings as needed depending in the wireless application in use.   Wireless     ACK Mode: Immediate ACK Burst ACK No ACK             802.11e/QoS : Disable Enable         Internet Access Priority: In this section, you can set priority based on Application, Port Range, or MAC Address. Internet Access Priority          Enable     Disable                       Set Internet Bandwidth: Kbps (1 - 100000)                     Applications   none Online Game MSN Messenger Skype Yahoo Message Voice Device Add a New Application       More...               Select a Game   Counter Strike Age of Empires Diablo II Everquest Halflife Quake 2 Quake 3 Unreal Tourment Return to Castle Wolfenstein                       Enter a Name                       Category   port range MAC Address                     MAC Address                       MAC Address                       port range     -    TCP UDP Both ( Optional) -    TCP UDP Both ( Optional) -    TCP UDP Both                     Priority   High Medium(Recommend) Normal Low               Summary -->     Priority Name Information     -->