MAC Address Clone for the Linksys WRV200Router Sceenshot

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Setup Firmware Version: 1.0.29 Setup Wireless-G VPN Router with RangeBooster WRV200 Setup Wireless Firewall VPN QoS Administration Status Basic Setup VLAN DDNS MAC Address Clone Advanced Routing MAC Address Clone                         MAC Address Clone:    Enabled       Disabled       MAC Clone Address:   . . . . .                                   MAC Address Clone Some ISP may require you to register your computer's MAC address. If you do not wish to re-register your router with your ISP, you may clone the MAC address that you originally registered with your ISP. More...  MAC Address Clone  Some ISP may require  you to register your  computer's MAC  address. If you do not  wish to re-register your  router with your ISP, you  may clone the MAC  address that you  originally registered  with your ISP.  More... Save Settings Cancel Changes
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