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VPN Firmware Version: 1.0.29 VPN Wireless-G VPN Router with RangeBooster WRV200 Setup Wireless Firewall VPN QoS Administration Status VPN Client Access VPN Passthrough IPSec VPN VPN Summary VPN Summary                                 VPN Log   Tunnel Name Remote Gateway Remote Group Local Group Key Methods Tunnel Status Start/Stop/Restart Connection           Tunnel Status: C : The Tunnel Connected. T : Try to connect to Remote Peer. Stop : The Tunnel is Stopped. D : The Tunnel Disabled. Any : The Tunnel always waits for connection from remote initiator. NAT-T : The Tunnel enables NAT-Traversal to allow remote initiator that behind NAT to construct this IPSec Tunnel.   VPN Passthrough These feature allow you to establish VPN tunnels using IPSec, PPTP, or L2TP protocols to pass through the Router's firewall. More...  VPN Summary  This page summarizes  the comprehensive  detail of IPSec VPN  Tunnels and displays  information according to  pre-configured value of  IPSec tunnel separately.  Each IPSec tunnel can  be easily commanded to  start/stop connection  here.  More... Refresh
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