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Administration      Firmware Version: 2. 03      Firmware Version: 1. 05 Administration Wireless-G VPN Router      WRV54G   Setup Wireless Security Access Restrictions Applications & Gaming Administration Status     Management Log Diagnostics Factory Default Firmware Upgrade Log Email Alert Email Alert: To enable E-Mail Alert, click Enabled . E-Mail Address for General Logs: Enter the E-Mail Address for General Logs in the field. E-Mail Address for Alert Logs: Enter the E-Mail Address for Alert Logs in the field. Return E-Mail address: Enter the address for the return E-Mail . E-Mail Server IP Address: Enter the IP Address of the E-Mail Server in the fields. Syslog Notification: You may keep a log of the router's activities. This requires the installation of an external log viewer. To enable Syslog, click Enabled . Device Name: Enter the Device Name in the field. This will make it easier to identify the router. More...   E-Mail Alert: Enabled Disabled   E-Mail Address for General Logs:     E-Mail Address for Alert Logs:     Return E-Mail address:     E-Mail Server IP Address :   . . .   Syslog Notification Enabled Disabled   Device Name:       Syslog Server IP Address:   . . .   Syslog Priority:   Information Warning Error Notification Queue Length   Log Queue Length:    entries   Log Time Threshold:    seconds   Alert Log   Syn Flooding   Ping Of Death     IP Spoofing   Unauthorized Login Attempt     Win Nuke   General Log   System Error Messages   Authorized Login   Deny Policies   Configuration Changes   Allow Policies   Access Statistics   Content Filtering       Data Inspection       Save Settings Cancel Changes       Save Settings Cancel Changes