UPnP Forwarding for the Linksys WRV54GRouter Sceenshot

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Applications & Gaming      Firmware Version: 2. 03      Firmware Version: 1. 05 Applications & Gaming Wireless-G VPN Router      WRV54G   Setup Wireless Security Access Restrictions Applications & Gaming Administration Status     Port Range Forwarding Port Triggering UPnP Forwarding DMZ UPnP Forwarding      Port Range Application Ext.Port Int.Port Protocol IP Address Enabled UPnP Forwarding can be used to set up public services on your network. When users from the Internet make certain requests on your network, the Router can forward those requests to computers equipped to handle the requests. If, for example, you set the port number 80 (HTTP) to be forwarded to IP Address, then all HTTP requests from outside users will be forwarded to You must disable the Router's DHCP function to utilize port forwarding. More...   Save Settings Cancel Changes       Save Settings Cancel Changes
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