IP Based ACL for the Linksys WRVS4400NRouter Sceenshot

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IP Based ACL Firmware Version: V1.00.12 Firewall Wireless-N Gigabit Security Router with VPN WRVS4400N --> Setup Wireless Firewall VPN QoS Administration IPS L2 Switch Status     Basic Settings   |   IP Based ACL   |   Internet Access Policy   |   Single Port Forwarding   |   Port Range Forwarding   |   More... >> IP Based ACL     Jump to 1 /1 page 5 10 15 20 entries per page Priority Enable Action Service Source Interface Source Destination Time Day   Delete Enable Allow All Service LAN ANY ANY Any Time Every Day   Enable Allow All Service WAN ANY ANY Any Time Every Day   This screen shows a summary of configured IP based Access List. The Access List is used to restrict traffic going through this Router either from WAN or LAN port. There are two ways to restrict data traffic. You can block specific types of traffic according to your ACL definitions. Or you can allow only specific types of traffic according to your ACL definition. The ACL rules will be read according to its priority. More...              
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