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IPsec VPN Firmware Version: V1.00.12 VPN Wireless-N Gigabit Security Router with VPN WRVS4400N Setup Wireless Firewall VPN QoS Administration IPS L2 Switch Status     IPsec VPN |    VPN Client Accounts |    VPN Passthrough IPsec VPN   Select Tunnel Entry: --new--     IPsec VPN Tunnel: Enable   Disable Tunnel Name: Use this screen to create VPN tunnels between this Router to the remote Router. All Linksys Routers with IPsec VPN support can be used as a remote Router (e.g. RVS4000, WRV54G, RV042, ...). This Router support VPN tunnels using IPsec (IP Security) technologies. You can create, delete, or modify a VPN tunnel on this page. More...   Local Security Group Local Security Group Type: IP Addr. Subnet IP Address:  . . . Subnet Mask:  255.255.255.     Remote Security Group Remote Security Group Type: IP Addr. Subnet Any IP Address:  . . . This Gateway accepts requests from any IP address. Subnet Mask:  . . .   Remote Security Gateway Remote Security Gateway Type: IP Addr. Any IP Address:  . . . This Gateway accepts requests from any IP address.   Key Management Key Exchange Method: Auto. (IKE) Manual Encryption: 3DES   Authentication: MD5   SHA1   PFS: Disable Enable Pre-Shared Key:   Key Life Time:   Sec. Encryption Algorithm: 3DES   (3DES: 24 ASCII) Encryption Key: Authentication Algorithm: MD5   SHA1   (MD5: 16 ASCII SHA1: 20 ASCII) Authentication Key: Inbound SPI:           (HEX 100-FFFFFFFF) Outbound SPI:           (HEX 100-FFFFFFFF)   Advanced NetBIOS Broadcast   Status            
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