SoloLink DDNS for the Linksys WVC11BRouter Sceenshot

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DDNS   Home   |   View Video   |   Setup   |   Linksys WEB   |   Help   |   Exit   Basic   |   Image   |   Password   |   Users   |   SoloLink DDNS   |   Status   |   Advanced       SoloLink DDNS     Use this screen to setup and manage your Linksys DDNS Service . Register today for your 90-day free trial period! If you are adding additional devices to your DDNS service, click here for more information. Username:   New User? - Click here to Register Password:     Forgot your Password? Your Domain: Device Name: WAN Port:     Find Available Port DDNS Service Update:   Every 15 mins Every 30 mins Every hour Every 4 hrs Every 12 hrs Every 24 hrs   Status     Registration Status: Device not Registered Address Update Status: n/a   Last Update Attempt:  n/a Last Successful Update:  n/a Options:     Click here if you want to remove the   camera from the Domain service.          
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