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Epic 4 ABR-4500V1 Firmware Version: 5.0.1 Quick Setup Status Overview Connected Clients Port State Overview Network DHCP Server Static Leases Dynamic DNS VLAN Routing Multi-WAN WAN Settings Firewall/Security Port Forwarding DMZ UPnP Web Filtering Parental Controls QoS USB Setup Devices Access Media Server VPN VPN Server VPN User Administration Auto Update Firmware Update Factory Defaults Backup/Restore System Log Admin Password Set Time Advanced Software Notice Tools Iperf Ping Trace Route Copyright ©2017 Luxul Multi-WAN Setup Firmware Update Select File Choose File This is not a Luxul firmware file. File must have .lxl extension. Start Update Help Firmware Update Update this Luxul router's firmware manually. To update firmware, first visit to find the latest firmware for this device, then download the file to your computer. Click the button and select the file you saved, then click the button and let the update complete. Note: Once the update begins, do not interrupt the process. ABR-4500
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