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Epic 4 ABR-4500V1 Firmware Version: 5.0.1 Quick Setup Status Overview Connected Clients Port State Overview Network DHCP Server Static Leases Dynamic DNS VLAN Routing Multi-WAN WAN Settings Firewall/Security Port Forwarding DMZ UPnP Web Filtering Parental Controls QoS USB Setup Devices Access Media Server VPN VPN Server VPN User Administration Auto Update Firmware Update Factory Defaults Backup/Restore System Log Admin Password Set Time Advanced Software Notice Tools Iperf Ping Trace Route Copyright ©2017 Luxul Multi-WAN Setup USB Devices / File Shares A list of USB Devices is not available. Help USB Devices / File Shares This page shows the status of USB devices/partitions connected to the USB port. The Share Names shown will show up under the Device Name (Server Name). The Share Size and Available space/size are also shown in the table. ABR-4500
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